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9 Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Introduction & Overview of The ethical implications of artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is the field of computer science that focuses on developing intelligent machines and systems. AI involves using algorithms, data, and other techniques to enable computers and other devices to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as recognizing patterns, making decisions, …

COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted Global Health?

Global health has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has highlighted gaps in our healthcare systems, exposed the need for improved access to care, and increased investment in public health initiatives. To reduce the burden on healthcare systems, early detection and response strategies are also important in the context of the pandemic. The pandemic has also highlighted the need for coordinated international efforts to tackle global health issues, such as ensuring access to essential medicines and developing effective tools and practices for disease control.

Cultural difference ; How to thrive in a multicultural world

Cultural difference Part 1: option 2 Culture is an umbrella term that joins the social behavior and norms found in human culture and the data, feelings, articulations, laws, and customs (Markus and Conner 39). Aside from inborn worth, culture gives basic social and monetary advantages. With upgraded learning and well-being, improved resistance, and openings related …

EDU 104 Education, Power and Society: Introduction to the Sociology of Education assessment

Primary text: Ivan Illich (1971) (Chapter 1). Ivan Illich was a social critic, a philosopher and a theologian. In his 1971 classical text, Deschooling Society, Illich offers a critical view of the institutionalization of education and how this approach is leading to a general degradation of society. Chapter one of this text addresses why we …


Introduction In this paper, I am using a case study of an adolescent child to investigate whether he is typical or not. At every stage of development, there are particular milestones that children and adolescents are expected to achieve (Kazi & Galanaki, 2019). I will be relating the concepts learned in class to real-life by …

Abstract The pandemic has affected all spheres of life and overseas education has not been spared. ¬†International students are among the most affected by the disruptions, including travel restrictions and increased cases of hate crimes, discrimination, prejudice and bias. At the moment, there is no conclusive study that has investigated how the negative environment caused …


Project management software helps to promote effective task delegation. Additionally, it helps project managers and teams to collaborate and meet goals on time while managing costs and resources. Moreover, this may include task distribution, budgeting, time tracking, resource planning, and task distribution. Project management software helps a project manager to plan, manage, and organize a …


Successful sustainable investing is an investing discipline that considers social, corporate, and environmental factors such as renewable and non-renewable resources to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive societal impact. Moreover, it involves pioneering better ways of conducting business and creating the momentum to encourage more people to opt into a suitable future. It involves …


Developing a value creation plan involves setting realistic goals and measuring the achievement of these goals. Moreover, value creation is the primary aim of any business entity. Furthermore, creating value for customers helps to sell products and services while creating value for shareholders. This ensures the future availability of investment capital of fund operations. Additionally, …